Mizuki Park is built on an area of 37 hectares; this is the largest project ever undertaken by two Japanese partners, Nishi Nippon Railroad and Hankyu Realty, in cooperation with Nam Long Investment Corp. With the Japanese inspiration reflected in the architecture, design, and planning, the township with a construction converage ratio of only 29% is an ideal settlement for the city residences.

Bringing together 4 elements of Community, Ecology, Education and Civilized Urban Lifestyle, Mizuki Park is a perfect combination between landscape and nature, green life and urban conveniences, Japanese essence and Vietnamese environment and people.


Located on Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard, which is 120m wide comprising of 10 lanes and due to a series of developing key traffic facilities such as the Nguyen Huu Tho – Nguyen Van Linh Intersection, Thu Thiem 4 Bridge connecting District 7 and District 2, Nguyen Khoai Bridge connecting District 7 and District 4, Metro Line No. 4 running from District 12 to District 7, Ben Luc – Long Thanh Highway, etc., Mizuki Park’s location will become more valuable than ever.

10 minutes
to Phu My Hung

15 minutes
to Cho Lon

10 minutes
to District 1

10 minutes
to Tan Son Nhat Airport


Quy hoạch tổng thể 26 hecta trong khu đô thị Mizuki Park

Căn hộ biệt lập Mizuki (dòng Flora): 4677

Nhà phố/ biệt thự Mizuki (dòng Valora): 170

The Crescent Lake of 1.7 hectares

A walkway of 20 meters wide and 1.4km long

103,000 m2 of tree

A health facility of 7,500m2

An educational area of 40,000m2

A multi-functional area of 15.000 m2

An administrative-cultural area of 5.000 m2

  • 1Khu hành chính
  • 2Khu y tế
  • 3Biệt thự valora island
  • 4Khu căn hộ Ehome S
  • 5Khu đa chức năng
  • 6Trường tiểu học
  • 7Nhà phố thương mại
  • 8Trường trung học
  • 9Khu căn hộ Flora
  • 10Kênh đào
  • 11Khu đa chắc năng – thương mại
  • 12Câu lạc bộ
  • 13Bến thuyền
  • 14Nhà phố Mizuki
  • 15Biệt thự Valora Mizuki