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Mizuki Park: The happy green land in the south of Saigon

Following the fast development and the establishment of high quality townships, Saigon South is becoming an ideal living destination for intellectuals and successful young people.

Among those, Mizuki Park is one of the most highly rated by the majority of people.

Mizuki Park township is contoured by Ngang and Lao canals and covered by a large greenery.

Satisfiable green living space

The current criteria for choosing a living and working place in Ho Chi Minh City have changed a lot compared to before. The growing demand for enjoyment has made the living environment increasingly concerned. Homebuyers now are not only looking for a comfortable home with modern design, but also a fresh living environment and a friendly community.

With a size of 26ha and a location right on the front of Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard, Mizuki Park has become an ideal destination for people in Saigon South as  Nam Long and two partners from Japan, namely Nishi Nippon Railroad and Hankyu Hanshin invested to build a harmoniously combination of urban modernity and green space.

Peaceful, relaxing and secure living space is established at Mizuki Park

Mizuki Park has an extremely low construction density of 29% and is prominently designed with an ecological landscape along a 17,000m2 canal that weaves through the area and a large green coverage of more than 103,000 m2 including 8 theme parks bringing fresh air everyday. Not to mention the 60m wide Ngang canal and 20m wide Lao canal surrounding the township offer a romantic view for sightseeing and exercising, and turning the living environment at Mizuki Park into an immensely green area. Many studies worldwide have shown that living close to nature will help people live longer, happier and more creative at work.

Besides green living, Mizuki Park also has countless modern facilities to fully meet all living needs of the residents, including swimming pool, children playground, walking trail, marina, Japanese mediation park, pedestrian bridge, Event Park, etc. The demand for socialising among the community is also well invested, creating a civilised and friendly living environment.

Exclusive facilities for residents of Flora Mizuki

Tuong Vi, a young resident at Mizuki Park, said that “Having lived here for a while, my family is very satisfied as all the facilities are right at my doorstep, Flora apartments are designed in japanese style, usable space is optimised, providing a sense of comfort, and at the same time the 24-hour security system ensures absolute safety and privacy. Some of my friends also bought apartments at Mizuki Park after visiting the quiet and spacious living environment for children”.

Sustainable double value

Not only being impressive with its quality living space and beautiful landscape, Mizuki Park also attracts customers thanks to its increasing price margin and attractive rental income. After more than a year from handing phase 1 to the residents, the selling price of Flora Mizuki apartment is about VND 2.2 billion/apartment (58m2), VND 2.8 billion/apartment (72m2) on the secondary market, increasing about 40% compared to the original price. The current monthly rental price of apartments here also ranges from VND 9-15 million, depending on apartment size. The Valora Mizuki commercial townhouse, in particular, has doubled in price compared to the time of sale.

The price of houses and apartments in Mizuki Park increased sharply in addition to the great demand of city residents, but the supply is limited as projects on Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard – the arterial route of South Saigon, are still pending. 21 promising complexes functionalized in finance, commercial and service, science, culture and education with many universities, research institutes, commercial and service zones, and a large entertainment park, have been planned along this route.

Perspective of three Flora MP6- MP7 – MP8 apartment blocks in Mizuki Park that Nam Long Group is about to offer for sale

Up to now, after a year of handover,  the number of residents moving to Mizuki Park is increasing with about 2,000 households. Commercial services have also become more active. Moreover, it only takes 5 minutes from Mizuki Park to the bustling Phu My Hung and about 10 minutes to the city center, which is very convenient for the residents.

A series of key infrastructure projects under development will enhance the connectivity between Saigon South and the city center such as Kenh Te 2 bridge, Thu Thiem 4 bridge, Binh Tien bridge, Nguyen Van Linh and Nguyen Huu Tho intersection, in addition to the plan to upgrade Binh Chanh and Nha Be to district, will trigger the bustle of Mizuki Park. From a market perspective, house prices at Mizuki Park are on a strong upward trend while there is no land fund to develop such townships with large green coverage and complete utilities.

In response to the needs of customers, Nam Long will officially launch the three blocks of MP6 – MP7 – MP8 at Flora Mizuki at the end of this April. This is a beautiful canal park apartment complex surrounded by the canal park, located next to the Event Park and Japanese garden. The apartment design is also optimally adjusted to modernity. This is an opportunity for residents who wish to experience a satisfying life in Mizuki Park township.

Source: Dan Tri


600 apartments sold in Mizuki Park, with estimated sales of over VND 2000 billion

On April 25, 2021, Nam Long successfully held the launching ceremony of Mizuki Park phase 2 to start the apartment selection to customers who have registered in the 3rd Housing Savings program in August 2020. At the event, 600 canal apartments of Flora Mizuki MP6, MP7, MP8 were officially sold, bringing in more than VND 2,000 billion in sales for Nam Long, Hankyu Hanshin and Nishi Nippon Railroad.

More than 1400 customers who registered in the 3rd Housing Savings Program attended the event

The 26-hectare Mizuki Park in Binh Hung, Binh Chanh is a rare piece of land that is at an urban scale in the South Saigon area. The project is taking the spotlight nowadays following Ho Chi Minh City’s urban planning journey to promote Binh Chanh and Nha Be to districts before 2025. As a result, this area was given the opportunity to make a strong breakthrough and attract more domestic and foreign investments in the future, as it’s becoming an economic, commercial center and traffic hub in the south.

At the event on April 25, 2021, Nam Long Group and its two Japanese partners, i.e. Hankyu Hanshin and Nishi Nippon Railroad successfully converted 600 Flora Mizuki apartments into MP6, MP7, MP8. Sales estimatedly reached more than VND 2,000 billion within just 5 hours.

Perspective of Flora Mizuki canal apartments MP6, MP7, MP8

The newly launched Flora Mizuki canal apartments in MP6, MP7, MP8 are surrounded by a green canal system and located next to Event Park square and the central Japanese garden. Besides, there are exclusive facilities such as a lookout point, children’s and adult swimming pools, sports fields, gym, yoga, co-working space, outdoor and indoor children playground, relaxing garden, outdoor BBQ area, etc. The 3 block buildings are placed in a zigzag, allowing apartments to be more exposed to natural light and wind. All are handed over with full basic furniture such as wooden floor, lighting equipment, bathroom equipment, kitchen, etc. saving buyers quite a lot of investment to complete the apartment.

In addition, residents have access to a modern ecosystem of high-class facilities including 17,000 m2 of canals; 2.5 km of bicycle path; 103,000 m2 of trees; family, kids, bonsai, meditation, events, waterfront and sports theme parks; 40,000m2 of school; 15,000m2 of trade – services, sports center, medical area, entertainment area. The internal and external facility system allow residents to enjoy modern and secure living in a peaceful environment in the middle of a bustling city.

Canal park, Japanese garden at Mizuki Park

In addition to a investor’s reputation and strong financial capacity, Mizuki Park’s quality is also guaranteed by leading companies in the international real estate industry and construction such as Conybeare Morrison CM+ (Australia, planning design), CPG (Singapore, landscape design), Aurecon (Australia, infrastructure design consulting), Yellowstone Consultants (Australia, infrastructure design consulting), NQH (Vietnam, apartment design consulting), Tung Feng Construction Engineering Co. (Taiwan, Construction of pile foundation, has built high-end apartment projects of major investors including Vingroup, Masterise, Phu My Hung, etc.)

For all the above reasons, Mizuki Park apartments are always in scarcity after every new product launch.

Source: Nam Long Group (Hose: NLG)


Chairman of Nam Long: ‘Affordable housing is almost extinct’

Sharing at the annual general meeting of shareholders on April 24, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Quang – Chairman of Nam Long – said that the company heads towards 2030 as the leading real estate developer in the region, with the participation of international consultants.

Accordingly, the company will gradually move from developing affordable housing to the developer of integrated urban areas, while strengthening its position in the core business (housing development).

Nam Long (NLG) is known for its affordable housing product line, typically Ehome apartments. Mr. Quang said that this segment on the market is now “almost extinct” and the opportunities for other businesses are not much.

“But we judged otherwise. The demand for the Vietnam market is large because the population is young and the immigrant population is high. Nam Long has been developing this product line for more than 14 years, so we think that affordable housing is the mass need. The demand is still enough for Nam Long to develop this business in the next 10-20 years”, Mr. Quang declared.

“The government is having policies that show support for the affordable housing segment. It’s a will, but enforcement will be a different story,” Quang added.

Besides expanding the land fund, Nam Long also aims to diversify growth by developing integrated real estate. General Director of Nam Long Land, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Son said that one of the first projects that the company will implement under this model is the WaterPoint urban area in Long An Province, with an area of 355 hectares.

According to Mr. Son, an integrated urban area will develop based on 5 factors including living environment, recreation, shopping, work, and education. “This is an important business in our step-by-step strategy to become an integrated urban developer in the next 10 years”, Mr. Son emphasized.

2021 is the first year in Nam Long’s 3-year strategy of 2021-2023. The company aims to grow sales by an average of over 85% per year. In 2021 alone, Nam Long’s revenue is expected to reachVND4,963 billion, up 124% compared to the previous year. Its profit after tax is expected to reach VND1,367 billion, up 61% compared to 2020. Nam Long plans to pay dividends in cash at a rate of 15%.

In April 2021, the company offered 210 apartments for sale and consumed 190 units. Nam Long is about to offer 700 Mizuki apartments for sale in late April.

“We have researched and are confident that we in 2021 can achieve the plan”, Mr. Son said. Nam Long this year will collect revenue from the Mizuki, Izumi, Paragon, Akari projects.

Also this year, NLG plans to spend VND2,000 billion to expand the land fund. In addition to some priority districts in ho Chi Minh City, Nam Long will expand the market in Hanoi and some cities such as Hai Phong, Can Tho, Da Nang, etc.

In addition to the available capital, Nam Long also plans to raise its capital this year. The company is working with international financial institutions to prepare for the issuance of bonds this year. The company plans to borrow about VND 1,000 billion to replenish capital.

In the first quarter of 2021, Nam Long reported its revenue of VND235 billion, only 56% of the same period but its profit after tax reached VND365 billion, 3.3 times over the same period.

(Source: Nam Long Group (Hose: NLG))