Real estate in Binh Chanh warmed up following a wave of new industrial zones

Binh Chanh will likely be the new industrial center of HCMC despite the area has run out of land. The booming industry sector has created countless opportunities for the real estate market but also puts great pressure on housing demand in the near future.

Has 4/10 of the largest industrial parks in HCMC

In the 2010 – 2015 period, HCMC’s industry sector led the country in economic indicators and had the largest land funds and industrial parks in the country. However, since 2016, there has not been a new industrial park. This has caused impacts on the city’s economy as the industry sector still accounts for a large proportion of the GDP. According to Hua Quoc Hung, Head of the Management Board of Ho Chi Minh City Industrial and Export Processing Zones, the city’s industrial land fund has been reduced to only 300 hectares of land in industrial parks can be used.

Amidst the situation, Binh Chanh was proposed as the destination to build new key industrial zones in Ho Chi Minh City thanks to its advantage of land availability and convenient traffic. Indeed, HCMC’s People’s Committee has submitted a request to the Government to add the 700-hectare Pham Van Hai Industrial Park in Binh Chanh district in replacement of the 3 other industrial parks that were removed from the planning, including Phuoc Hiep, Bau Dung, and Xuan Thoi Thuong. Notably, Pham Van Hai Industrial Park will apply modern technology, focus on attracting investment in electricity, electronics, automation, start-up support, high-tech industry, and supporting industries that are not labor-intensive and cause pollution.

Binh Chanh is the proposed location for the development of key industrial zones in Ho Chi Minh City.

So after adding Pham Van Hai Industrial Park, Binh Chanh now has 4 out 10 largest industrial parks in Ho Chi Minh City, including Le Minh Xuan and extended Le Minh Xuan Industrial Park (800 hectares – top 2), Pham Van Hai Industrial Park (approx. 700 hectares – top 3), Vinh Loc and extended Vinh Loc Industrial Park (500 hectares – top 4), An Ha Industrial Park (more than 150 hectares – top 10). According to statistics, Ho Chi Minh City reserves 5,800 hectares of land for the industry sector. This means Binh Chanh occupies nearly 30% of the land fund, becoming the industrial center of HCMC.

Housing demand is growing strong

The industrial boom is putting great pressure on urbanization rate in Binh Chanh, especially when the upcoming 700-hectare industrial zone will lead to huge housing demand for hundreds of thousands of people at the same time. The demand came from two main sources, experts and senior engineers who need quality housing and workers who need affordable accommodation. Industrial growth also ignites an explosion of utility services, premises, factories, etc. for the new residents.

Binh Chanh was previously on the list of areas with a shortage of housing supply. This area needs more than 490,000 m2 of housing area, equivalent to nearly 10,000 new apartments each year to keep up with the demand. However, this number will only meet about 30% of housing demand in Binh Chanh in the period 2020-2021. The shortage of supply amidst rising demand has caused real estate prices to surge.

From VND 27 million/m2 in 2017-2018, the apartment price has increased to VND 45 million/m2, villas/townhouses from VND 40 million/m2 to 90-150 million/m2. From 2021, the land price has also increased by 25 to 30% depending on the location. Prices of completed projects such as Calla Garden, The Easter City, and Lovera Vista have gone up VND 33-40 million/m2 from VND 25-30 million/m2, some high-end projects including The Conic, Saigon Saigon Mia, Senturia South Saigon are traded at VND 50-60 million/m2 and at VND 90-120 million/m2 for townhouses/villas.

Despite continuously reaching peaks, Binh Chanh real estate prices are still in the low end of ​​Ho Chi Minh City and have a lot of room for increment. Compared with the average apartment price of VND 60-70 million/m2 in the East, Binh Chanh’s VND 40-45 million/m2 is still low. It is worth mentioning that the housing supply in Binh Chanh is forecasted to be limited as there are not many new products launched. There are not many properties with high demand and good prices. Especially for high-end products for experts and high-paid workers, there are only a few outstanding projects.

Housing demand in Binh Chanh is forecasted to explode strongly following the wave of industrial development in this area.

For example, Westgate with more than 2,000 apartments has the almost-lowest price in the market, i.e. around VND 40 million VND/m2. Westgate has 4 towers, and more than 50 facilities, with a large green coverage and a 4-hectare park. This is one of the few projects that allow buyers to pay upfront only VND 699 million and waive payment until Q4/2023 when they receive the apartment. The remaining balance could also be put on an interest-free loan in two years. As a result, Westgate is very popular with homebuyers.

Or the 26-hectare Mizuki Park township, Flora apartments are offered at VND 40 million/m2, while Valora townhouses and villas are sold at VND 95-120 million per unit. In particular, Mizuki Park launched The Mizuki riverside luxury compound, limited to only 39 villas. These limited luxury products are priced from VND 30 billion per unit. In early 2022, after successfully opening and selling all 166 Flora Mizuki MP9-MP10 apartments, Nam Long plans to launch 400 apartments of Flora Panorama project, which is located right next to The Mizuki, at an expected price of about VND 50 million/m2.

Besides the new 700-hectare Industrial Park affecting the market in the short-term, in the long-term, Binh Chanh Real Estate will also benefit as the district is promoted to city in 2025. Thus, investing in projects with complete legality, center location, and large scale will be a safe option. On the other hand, due to the upcoming promotion to City and increasing inbound of experts and senior engineers, high-quality apartments will become the trending properties in this area.



What’s inside The Mizuki, the limited edition of luxury compound in Saigon South?

The Mizuki is a luxury villa compound and the most beautiful subdivision in Mizuki Park township in Binh Chanh, Ho Chi Minh City. With a limited quantity of only 39 units, priced from 28-80 billion VND, The Mizuki villa is developed following Japanese’s Zen concept, has a unique design and high-class facilities. Join to experience The Mizuki project and see what’s special about the villas here!


The Mizuki Nam Long is a luxury villa compound developed by Nam Long and Hankyu Hanshin, NNR (Japan) as the most high-class property in Mizuki Park township. The entire subdivision has only 39 luxury villas, sized from 278-574 meter squares, designed in Japanese “Zen” style. Separated but still located within a well-planned township with full facilities, where a residential community has been established, The Mizuki villa is considered a peaceful and private living space with exclusive privilege services and facilities.


The Mizuki villa is part of the 26-ha Mizuki Park Nam Long on Nguyen Van Linh boulevard, Binh Chanh, HCMC. The project is about 3.5km from Cho Lon District 5 and 4km from Phu My Hung, District 7, so it only takes a few minutes to access major facilities in these areas. Within a 3-km radius around the project, there are many shopping centers, markets, schools, hospitals, etc. It’s also convenient for Mizuki Park residents to travel since Tan Son Nhat Airport is only 11km away. In addition, The Mizuki subdivision is located further inside the Mizuki Park, across the Ba Lao canal, divided by a bridge, so it will ensure security, serenity as well as privacy for residents.


Mizuki Park is located in Binh Chanh district, quite far from the center of Ho Chi Minh City, so people who are interested in the project might be afraid of traffic problems. However, located on Nguyen Van Linh boulevard which has 8 lanes and will be upgraded in the future, it is highly convenient to travel from the project by car to other areas of the city. In addition, at close proximity to the project, there are several worth-noting transportation projects such as the Ben Thanh – Tan Kien Metro line, the Monorail line 2, the Bus Rapid Transit route which will increase connectivity, add options and shorten the travel time for Mizuki Park’s residents.


Residents of The Mizuki villa will also have access to the world-class facility system of Mizuki Park township, with riverside park, canal park, Japanese garden, outdoor sports arena, lounge, party area, etc. Besides, residents of The Mizuki will also enjoy the exclusive facilities of the villa subdivision, especially the marina connecting directly to the 3,200 square meter square. Not only convenient for residents who own yachts, the marina will also supplement an expensive view to The Mizuki villa. The Mizuki compound also provides exclusive services to residents such as housekeepers, flowers, organizing parties, etc.

The owner of The Mizuki villa will be able to use the Japanese garden and many completed facilities of the Mizuki Park township.

The open riverside environment covered in green is a plus at Mizuki Park.


The Mizuki Nam Long was developed based on the Japanese meditation concept, Zen. With the spirit of Zen, residents of The Mizuki villa will feel the serenity and comfort right in the heart of the city, away from the noisy and busy life outside. According to the investor, The Mizuki villa will satisfy all 5 senses, sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, creating Zen living environment for the residents. The entire subdivision has 39 villas of 3 different types: garden villas, canal villas and river villas. Each villa has 4-5 bedrooms and 7-8 bathrooms, diverse in area and layout.


The Mizuki Villa is priced following its unique selling points as the most beautiful subdivision in Mizuki Park township, limited edition and unique concept. The price of The Mizuki villa varies depending on type and location, from VND 28-50 billion for a garden villa, VND 38-48 billion for a canal view villa, VND 48-80 billion for a river view villa. At this price level, The Mizuki villa is a limited product specified for upper class owners who have strong financial and personal taste. concludes that The Mizuki project has a unique concept, focusing on expressing the style and personal taste in each villa design, landscape and facility. In the luxury segment, a private living space and privileged facilities are not enough to attract rich buyers. They need a creative living space that reflects their personal aesthetic and personality. If The Mizuki Villa does well with the Japanese Zen concept, it will be a big plus to help it stand out and attract customers among other compound villa options in Ho Chi Minh City and the neighboring area.


According to the investor, The Mizuki’s construction started in 2021 and expected to be completed in the Q4/2023. The marina is expected to finish in the second quarter of this year. There is not yet a model house, but from the apartments that have been handed over in Mizuki Park, buyers can be assured of the quality of The Mizuki villa.

Construction progress of The Mizuki villa in January 2022

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Nam Long is launching collection of luxury villa compounds The Mizuki

Nam Long Group is preparing to launch to market 39 villas located in the most luxurious compound The Mizuki at the 26-ha Mizuki Park township in Saigon South.

The natural and quiet living environment of Valora Island compound in the 26-ha integrated Mizuki Park township has opened for residents.

This unique villa collection is dedicated to the group of buyers who need a high-class living space with exclusive facilities.

The Mizuki – Mizuki Park’s most luxurious subdivision

Mizuki Park is an integrated township project with a total area of 26ha, co-developed by Nam Long Group and its two Japanese partners, Nishi Nippon Railroad and Hankyu Realty. The project has drawn great attention from buyers and is considered the most livable township in South Saigon thanks to the effective combination of the excited and bustling city vibe with the natural living space.

Since the launch in 2017, Mizuki Park has so far completed and handed over more than 2,000 properties including Flora apartments, townhouses and Valora villas. A series of diverse and high-class facilities have also been put into operation by Nam Long to serve the daily needs of residents.

The Mizuki subdivision occupies the most beautiful location in Mizuki Park, with 3 waterfront facades and the other connected directly to the marina, the riverside square and the commercial axis in the township.

Adopting the high-class riverside compound model, The Mizuki is limited to only 39 luxury villas of different sizes, highly personalized designs according to each owner’s taste and preferences.

Inspired by nature and the river, the source of life, prosperity and peace, the planning and architecture of The Mizuki villa compound touches all senses.

Each day, residents living in The Mizuki not only immerse themselves in nature, but also enjoy exclusive high-end facilities and services, and socialize with neighbors who share the same interests and lifestyle.

The Mizuki luxury villa compound has 3 waterfront facades and a top-notch landscape and exclusive facility system for residents.

In particular, The Mizuki has a clean living environment with rivers and green coverages, but also integrates an exclusive high-class facility system in the area, including:

– 2 community clubs, adult and children’s swimming pools;

– Family party room, BBQ garden, indoor and outdoor sports area, Gym – Spa;

– Local park and riverside park, with professional security system, 24/7 surveillance camera. Therefore, The Mizuki is the perfect piece to magnify the value of Mizuki Park township.

In addition, residents of The Mizuki also enjoy the shared high-class facility system of Mizuki Park integrated township, including a 1.7-ha landscape lake, a 2.5-km walking and cycling trail, a 103,000-m2 park, 7,500-m2 medical facility, 40,000-m2 education system, 15,000-m2 commercial area, 5,000-m2 administrative and cultural area.

Answering to the need of “Returning to nature”

In major cities like Ho Chi Minh City, compound projects are inherently rare, luxury riverside compounds are even more precious than gold. The Mizuki is indeed the only luxury riverside villa compound launching in Saigon South.

With a limited number of only 39 units, The Mizuki is certainly dedicated for customers who really love to explore and experience life in harmony with nature, and desire a private and secure living space, without being separated from modern conveniences.

The Marina in front of The Mizuki, for example, is a trendy facility that even projects of which properties cost hundreds of billion VND might not have.

Recent market research shows that living in a riverside compound has become the preferred choice of the upper class. This trend is rising thanks to the values ​​​​that the compound model offers, which money sometimes cannot buy due to scarce supply.

The unique design of The Mizuki villa compound with swimming pool and garden space in front of the porch.

Nam Long Group has recently impressed the real estate market with the successful development of luxury riverside villa complexes such as:

– Valora Island, Nam Phu, Camellia Garden (South Saigon);

– Kikyo, Fuji or Saigon Thao Nguyen (Thu Duc city). These projects have established elite communities, luxurious residences of successful families. Besides, the value of real estate here has also gone up many times.

Returning to The Mizuki riverside luxury villa compound, built on Nam Long’s enthusiasm and  with outstanding advantages in location, living environment, top-notch facility system and development trend, the project will confidently contribute to quenching the thirst for quality living space, “returning” to nature that the rich are yearning for.

Source: Tuổi Trẻ


The Mizuki riverside villas with high class facilities

The Mizuki integrates a series of facilities including riverside walking trail, riverside park, canal park, lounge, private garden in the villa, etc.

According to Nam Long Group, investor of The Mizuki, the exclusive facility system will shape the project and reflect the personal taste, style and remark of each homebuyer. A private, isolated living space with exclusive amenities is not sufficient to attract the modern elites, who need a creative living space based on their personal taste and feeling.

“So we have researched and included in The Mizuki high class facilities that the elites are looking for,” said a representative of Nam Long Group.

Shahab Karmely, founder of KAR Properties, who has many years in the real estate industry also shared the same point of view. In an interview with Fox Business, he said: “When rich people buy houses, they invest in lifestyle.”

The riverside perspective of the project. Photo: Nam Long Group.

With a central location in the modern integrated township Mizuki Park, convenient traffic to the center of Ho Chi Minh City, The Mizuki offers a quiet and relaxing space in the heart of the city. The project is located near key intersections, connecting to major areas.

The outstanding feature of this project is the three riverside facades with a riverbank of more than 400m long, while the other facade is the Marina Square connected to the commercial, entertainment corridors of the integrated township Mizuki Park. This allows a peaceful, comfortable, and feng shui green living space.

Residents of The Mizuki will enjoy the high-class facilities such as riverside walking trail, 3,600 m2 of riverside park, 1,500 m2 of canal park, BBQ area, outdoor sports area, children’s playground, lounge, family party area, swimming pool, gym, yoga, sauna, etc.

Perspective image of the project’s green coverage. Photo: Nam Long Group.

The Mizuki’s representative said that the project is expected to raise the living standard of elites in the South Saigon area. The pier will allow docking of a variety of boats.

In addition, the project focuses on pen design in a private, isolated space with a delicate combination of natural and environmentally friendly materials.

The art of space planning in harmony with the green coverage and multi-layer security, along with the cascading design at The Mizuki, help blur the boundaries and distances, bringing residents closer to nature but still ensuring safety. The million-dollar view of an immense green space of trees and rivers helps the owner to enjoy relaxing moments right from the house, without the need of going to resorts or hotels far from the city.

Source: Vnexpress


The Mizuki – Investment home in South Saigon

As riverside land supply became scarce, the riverside villas are proving that this segment would be even more attractive. It is not difficult to understand why The Mizuki Riverside Compound in Mizuki Park has received a lot of attention even though it has not been officially announced.

Identifying products for the upper class

According to a report by Knight Frank, riverfront property is always the most expensive choice, 36.8% more expensive than regular property. Especially during the pandemic, buyers tend to look for riverside living spaces with larger green coverage. Demand for this type of property increasing while the supply becoming limited is the main reason for the significant increase in selling price. For example, the value of waterfront properties in the UK are 49% higher than comparable homes located further away from the water. In Australia, the difference soaks to 89.3%. Riverfront property values ​​increased by an average of 2.1% in Q2/2021, which means that the average prices were 12% higher than they were a year ago, according to Knight Frank’s Waterfront Index.

The same situation happened in Vietnam’s market. In Ho Chi Minh City, according to Savills Vietnam’s real estate report for Q1/2021, in the villa segment, new supply is scarce and at the lowest in 5 years. This is one of the main reasons for selling prices in the secondary market increased sharply. Especially in the past 2 years, there are only a few of new riverside villa projects launched.

Savills also said that the supply of townhouses and villas will continue to be low as HCMC Housing Planning till 2030 prioritizes the development of high-rise housing. In the past decade, the low-rise housing segment accounted for less than 10% of total new products, which is expected to drop in the near future.

Rare and containing all the essentials of an ideal living space, riverside villas become an identifying property for the upper class, which will not be easy to own, even for people with money.

Answering to the demand for riverside villas

Amidst the market scarcity, the timely launch of The Mizuki, with outstanding values, is an answer to the demand for riverside villas in the market, hence attracting a lot of attention. This is also a rare remark of local brand Nam Long in the luxury real estate segment in Ho Chi Minh City, after a long time focusing on affordable housing and other well known villa products in urban areas in Dong Nai and Long An.

Located in the most beautiful location of Mizuki Park Integrated township, 39 villas with 3 riverside facades The Mizuki not only provide an ideal living space, but represent 39 unique artworks for buyers with a good aesthetic taste.

Private, isolated with multi-layer security, along with a series of exclusive facilities only for the residents such as riverside park, riverside walking trail, BBQ garden, yoga room, sauna, etc., The Mizuki is a solution to the luxury ladder that buyers with a sophisticated lifestyle are looking for.

In particular, the 3,200-m2 Marina Square is one of a few high-class facilities in the city, which not only solves the need for berths but also justifies the luxuriousness and new living trend of the upper class. New life of the modern elite – canoe landing right in front of their house. The  Marina square is a symbol of high class living in the South Saigon area.

The project with 3 riverside facades has cascading facade design to guarantee the million-dollar view for every villa – Perspective Planning. 

With smart and ingenious cascading design, The Mizuki is one a very few projects in the South which have 3 riverside facades and every villa offers a million-dollar view. Carrying the spirit of modern tropical architecture and a natural touch of Zen, The Mizuki is a symphony about nature and people, filled with originality, bringing pure emotions and absolute peace to the owner.

In the bustling and noisy urban life, The Mizuki is an expensive low note, a worthy investment home  that Nam Long put a lot of passion into developing.

For direct consultation, please contact the hotline: 0902 000 895.

Source: CafeF


Properties in closed urban areas attract genuine buyers

In the competition to attract genuine buyers, large urban areas are on the verge of winning as customers lean towards homeownership in these areas, especially after Covid-19 pandemic. 

Genuine buyers prefer properties in urban areas

Urban areas at the size of hundreds of hectares, with full facilities integrated have been the first choice of genuine buyers, especially when living space becomes a greater interest post Covid-19.

According to’s market research, the majority of townhouses and apartments in high demand are located in large urban areas across Ho Chi Minh City, Long An, Dong Nai, etc. For example, Mizuki Park township (Binh Chanh), has a size of 26 ha and more than 2,000 residents. The current occupancy rate for phase 1’s completed subdivisions is 98%. Other subdivisions are highly welcomed in the market and are being sold at increasing prices of 20 to 25%. In early October, the 2 blocks MP9-MP10 with 166 apartments opened for sale at VND 2.5 billion/unit, also attracted buyers’ interest.

Besides villas and townhouses, the apartments in these urban areas also attract genuine buyers even though the selling prices are not low. Illustration

In the East, at the 198-ha Van Phuc City developed by Van Phuc 10 years ago, the occupancy rate in the completed subdivisions reaches 60 to 70%. Although the transfer price has gone up by 50 to 60%, it still receives buyers’ attention. The project is currently offering townhouses, villas, and later, apartments at high prices yet high liquidity. Despite there is still little information about the launch, apartments in this urban area have been considered a good investment on the market.

Similarly, at another urban area i.e. Vinhomes Grand Park in Ho Chi Minh City, Thu Duc (previously district 9), The Beverly subdivision consisting of 10 luxury apartment buildings opened for sale at an expected average price of VND 68 million/m2 but the demand has remained high. Since opening for sale in 2019, this mega township has supplied thousands of apartments to the market which were all quickly sold out.

Not only in Ho Chi Minh City, urban projects that meet the requirements for facility, security and resident’s education level in surrounding suburbs also attract buyers,  such as the 355-ha Waterpoint (Long An) developed by Nam Long Group. At the end of 2020, the investor officially handed over 600 townhouses and villas in the Rivera 1 and Aquaria 1 to customers. At the moment, the majority of these properties have been occupied by residents. In Q4/2021, the investor will continue to hand over the Aquaria 2 subdivision and is expected to attract more residents.

Or a series of ongoing projects in Dong Nai, Binh Duong, namely Aqua City Bien Hoa (1,000ha), Long Hung City (277ha), Son Tien (380ha), Swan Bay (200ha), Angel Island ( 205ha), etc.

The vitality of a project has become more important 

The added value when buying real estate in the urban area is not met by all projects. This is the main factor that makes even though the pandemic is complicated, urban residential projects are still chosen by real buyers to settle down, even though the house prices in these projects are often higher than the selling prices of many retail projects. . To create vitality for the project requires investors to have vision, capacity, project development experience and importantly, enough resources to be able to implement projects according to the given plan in a timely manner. feasible and fulfill commitments with customers.

 In addition to facility and infrastructure, high occupancy rate is also a contributing factor to attracting buyers in urban areas. 

According to Nguyen Huong, General Director of Dai Phuc Land, the vitality of a project is reflected in the pace, including construction speed, operation pace, and above all, the human factor. An urban area with high occupancy rate, crowded streets, and bustling vibe is highly vital. Usually, a project site needs to be filled by 50% within 3-5 years to have good vitality. The faster the occupancy rate, the better the vitality and the higher the added value.

Discussing the factors contributing to project vitality, Huong said that the reputation and brand value of the project developer are prerequisite elements. This ensures the feasibility of the project. A project even with a beautiful and shimmering plan, will not attract buyers if the construction site is quiet. The development of a project must be accompanied by a sales plan, a clear and specific construction plan and a commitment to delivery schedule.

Furthermore urban planning must ensure a full and synchronous ecosystem for the residents. Many projects are beautifully designed but developed in fragments, to include traffic infrastructure but ignore facilities. As a result, residents find it difficult to live because their basic needs are not satisfied. The project location must be closed to neighboring residential areas according to the principle of oil spill. A project will hardly have any vitality if it is “a market alone”. Traffic must be conveniently connected for work, study and entertainment. There are only a few projects that do this well. Vitality will be a decisive factor in the success of a project. As the living quality is improved, the real estate value increases, giving homebuyers and investors the returned benefits.



Investors house hunting in Binh Chanh causes price surge

After a lot of changes in planning, many investors are property hunting in Binh Chanh to prepare for the opportunity of price increase.

Aiming for land in Binh Chanh as soon as the news about Binh Chanh becoming district came out, Nguyen Trung Nghia (district 6, HCMC) shared that it was not surprising that land price in this area continued to escalate over time. Been following the market since the beginning of the year, Nghia said that even during lockdown, many investors quietly searched and acquired land and apartments in this area. Especially since mid October till now, the property hunt has been more aggressive as notary services become easier after the city reopened.

“Binh Chanh is undergoing changes in administrative planning, making it more attractive. This area inherently has low housing prices in Ho Chi Minh City,  and diversifying land funds, so it is easier to find suitable products than other areas. Without comparing to the East, housing prices in Binh Chanh are much lower than in Nha Be, and the increase margin is also larger. Thus it is easy for mid-end investors to find and buy real estate. After Binh Chanh’s proposal to convert to a city was known,  more investors rushed to the area and the land price also increased as a consequence” Nghia said.

Property hunting has become more aggressive in Binh Chanh since this district proposed a roadmap to convert to a district/city in 2025. Illustration

Binh Chanh real estate market has become an investment attraction in Saigon South area after a series of information about it converting to district/city. As noted by, since this district confirmed the transition to the district (quarter 1/2021), the demand for real estate has increased 30-40% over the same period. In the third quarter of 2021, during the time of social distancing, many places recorded a sharp decrease in the demand for housing, but the southern districts still had a good recovery rate, especially in September 2021, the demand for housing in Ho Chi Minh City was still growing. This increased 35%, and in October and November, the number of real estate buyers in this area doubled sharply during the period of the gap.

The wave of investment poured in, causing Binh Chanh real estate prices to continuously escalate. According to the HCM City Department of Construction, when I first heard about the fact that Binh Chanh district can be converted into a city/district, the price of land in the population has increased. 6 months ago, the price of Binh Loi commune was about 2 billion VND/person, now the land has increased quite high, far exceeding the above figure. Currently, the project land in Binh Chanh ranges from 35-220 million VND/m2 depending on the area, the average price of apartments is 37-45 million/m2. At the beginning of the fourth quarter of 2021, real estate prices in general did not have big changes, but there were still some places with an increase of 3-5% compared to the beginning of the year.

In the context that the supply of real estate in the central districts of Ho Chi Minh City is constantly standing still, the wave of real estate hunting is pouring into the suburban districts of the South and the East, in which the South is having the upper hand because of its ownership of many projects. The new project was implemented with a series of information on administrative and infrastructure transformation. Most of the buying power for apartments is concentrated on large-scale urban projects, while most of the land plots are small projects and free residential land.

Welcoming the wave of investment, many businesses with projects deployed in this area are actively selling at the end of the year and recording a strong increase in buying demand. Recorded from investor Nam Long Group, this business has just launched 166 Flora Mizuki MP9 – MP10 apartments belonging to Flora Mizuki Park Binh Chanh project. According to Nam Long’s representative, Flora Mizuki has a selling price of from VND 2.5 billion/unit, an attractive price in the context of a limited supply of apartments priced at about VND 2-3 billion in the HCMC market and housing prices. Binh Chanh increased continuously, so the project recorded a large number of interested customers. Nearly 40% of buyers last time were investors hunting for hoarding. Currently, this urban area has more than 3,000 households living.

Housing supply in Binh Chanh market is considered to be insufficient for the speed of urbanization and population growth of this district. Illustration

Another project in Binh Chanh, the Westgate, was launched by An Gia Real Estate Group in Q4 this year. With a total area of 3.1 hectares, the Westgate luxury complex includes 4 20-storey towers, providing the market with 2,000 apartments in the center of Binh Chanh, at the price of approximately VND 40 million per m2. Three out of four towers were sold successfully to the market given positive signals. The last tower is now open for sale.

Furthermore, a series of existing urban areas including Corona City Binh Chanh, Charmington Golf & Life Binh Chanh, Tan Tao Central Park, South Riverside, Lavila De Rio, Lovera Vista, etc. have been traded actively in the secondary market with selling prices increased by 5-20% compared to the initial prices.

Commenting on the development potential and orientation of Binh Chanh’s regional construction planning, Nguyen Thien Nhan, former Secretary of Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee, said that Binh Chanh is the most populous district, has the longest border from South to West and location at the entrance to Mekong Delta, with the main traffic routes of HCMC and surrounding areas. In addition, the economic and trading scenes in Binh Chanh are very vibrant and diverse. In the coming time, Binh Chanh will be a traffic and logistics hub, not only for Ho Chi Minh City but also for the Southwest region. The district is aiming towards becoming an industrial and smart city with zero emissions; a center of high-quality healthcare and entertainment services for both Ho Chi Minh City and the southwestern provinces.

Secretary of Binh Chanh District Party Committee, Tran Van Nam added that, besides the advantages and potentials in recent years, the rapid urbanization rate and the annual population increase of over 30,000 people also caused shortage of housing and accommodation. The proportion of land types is not reasonable for the economic structure and population growth of the district. Indeed, more than 58% of land used for agricultural purposes has affected people’s life and economic development. The governmental structure based on units of districts and communes is no longer suitable for urbanization and growth. The Party Congress has approved the proposal of converting Binh Chanh into a district or city in the 2021 to 2030 period.



Nam Long Group (HOSE: NLG) awarded Vietnam’s outstanding integrated urban area developer 2021

In mid November 2021, Nam Long Group was proudly voted “Vietnam’s outstanding integrated urban area developer”, recognizing Nam Long’s successes and sustainable values ​​in pursuing and developing the township model in the past 30 years.

This year’s Outstanding Property Award, organized by Nhip Cau Dau Tu Magazine, continued to honor real estate brands and individuals from excellent real estate businesses who have made great contributions and influence to new trends in the Vietnamese real estate market, contributing to establishing a modern and civilised living environment for Vietnamese people, and simultaneously promoting new trends to increase competitive advantages of Vietnamese real estate industry in the global market.

Nam Long’s General Director received the award from the Committee.

Nam Long is one of the 10 Most reputable investors in Vietnam’s real estate market (BCI, VNR500). Carrying the mission of creating a living environment and valuable products for the community, Nam Long has developed more than 11 integrated townships of tens to hundreds of hectares. Particularly in the year 2020 and 2021, despite the pandemic, Nam Long still simultaneously executed 3 township projects, including Mizuki Park (26 hectares), Waterpoint (355 hectares) and Izumi City (170 hectares) in addition to individual projects, and provided thousands of real estate products that were highly welcomed by the market.

All Nam Long Group’s integrated projects were built on 4 core elements: synchronised infrastructure, complex planning combined with destination programs, applying advanced technology to urban operation, in order to serve the 5 basic needs, i.e.  living, working, studying, entertainment and shopping. This not only increases the satisfaction level of residents, but also triggers their desire to change the living environment and to settle in an integrated and comfortable space.

In addition to “Vietnam’s Outstanding Integrated Urban Area Developer”, Nam Long also presents in the Top 100 Best Real Estate Brands voted by Vietnam Economic Magazine, Top 10 Most Reputable Property Developers at BCI international awards, the Asia Pacific Property Awards for urban projects Mizuki Park, Waterpoint….

Source: Nam Long Group (Hose: NLG)


Mizuki Park: The happy green land in the south of Saigon

Following the fast development and the establishment of high quality townships, Saigon South is becoming an ideal living destination for intellectuals and successful young people.

Among those, Mizuki Park is one of the most highly rated by the majority of people.

Mizuki Park township is contoured by Ngang and Lao canals and covered by a large greenery.

Satisfiable green living space

The current criteria for choosing a living and working place in Ho Chi Minh City have changed a lot compared to before. The growing demand for enjoyment has made the living environment increasingly concerned. Homebuyers now are not only looking for a comfortable home with modern design, but also a fresh living environment and a friendly community.

With a size of 26ha and a location right on the front of Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard, Mizuki Park has become an ideal destination for people in Saigon South as  Nam Long and two partners from Japan, namely Nishi Nippon Railroad and Hankyu Hanshin invested to build a harmoniously combination of urban modernity and green space.

Peaceful, relaxing and secure living space is established at Mizuki Park

Mizuki Park has an extremely low construction density of 29% and is prominently designed with an ecological landscape along a 17,000m2 canal that weaves through the area and a large green coverage of more than 103,000 m2 including 8 theme parks bringing fresh air everyday. Not to mention the 60m wide Ngang canal and 20m wide Lao canal surrounding the township offer a romantic view for sightseeing and exercising, and turning the living environment at Mizuki Park into an immensely green area. Many studies worldwide have shown that living close to nature will help people live longer, happier and more creative at work.

Besides green living, Mizuki Park also has countless modern facilities to fully meet all living needs of the residents, including swimming pool, children playground, walking trail, marina, Japanese mediation park, pedestrian bridge, Event Park, etc. The demand for socialising among the community is also well invested, creating a civilised and friendly living environment.

Exclusive facilities for residents of Flora Mizuki

Tuong Vi, a young resident at Mizuki Park, said that “Having lived here for a while, my family is very satisfied as all the facilities are right at my doorstep, Flora apartments are designed in japanese style, usable space is optimised, providing a sense of comfort, and at the same time the 24-hour security system ensures absolute safety and privacy. Some of my friends also bought apartments at Mizuki Park after visiting the quiet and spacious living environment for children”.

Sustainable double value

Not only being impressive with its quality living space and beautiful landscape, Mizuki Park also attracts customers thanks to its increasing price margin and attractive rental income. After more than a year from handing phase 1 to the residents, the selling price of Flora Mizuki apartment is about VND 2.2 billion/apartment (58m2), VND 2.8 billion/apartment (72m2) on the secondary market, increasing about 40% compared to the original price. The current monthly rental price of apartments here also ranges from VND 9-15 million, depending on apartment size. The Valora Mizuki commercial townhouse, in particular, has doubled in price compared to the time of sale.

The price of houses and apartments in Mizuki Park increased sharply in addition to the great demand of city residents, but the supply is limited as projects on Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard – the arterial route of South Saigon, are still pending. 21 promising complexes functionalized in finance, commercial and service, science, culture and education with many universities, research institutes, commercial and service zones, and a large entertainment park, have been planned along this route.

Perspective of three Flora MP6- MP7 – MP8 apartment blocks in Mizuki Park that Nam Long Group is about to offer for sale

Up to now, after a year of handover,  the number of residents moving to Mizuki Park is increasing with about 2,000 households. Commercial services have also become more active. Moreover, it only takes 5 minutes from Mizuki Park to the bustling Phu My Hung and about 10 minutes to the city center, which is very convenient for the residents.

A series of key infrastructure projects under development will enhance the connectivity between Saigon South and the city center such as Kenh Te 2 bridge, Thu Thiem 4 bridge, Binh Tien bridge, Nguyen Van Linh and Nguyen Huu Tho intersection, in addition to the plan to upgrade Binh Chanh and Nha Be to district, will trigger the bustle of Mizuki Park. From a market perspective, house prices at Mizuki Park are on a strong upward trend while there is no land fund to develop such townships with large green coverage and complete utilities.

In response to the needs of customers, Nam Long will officially launch the three blocks of MP6 – MP7 – MP8 at Flora Mizuki at the end of this April. This is a beautiful canal park apartment complex surrounded by the canal park, located next to the Event Park and Japanese garden. The apartment design is also optimally adjusted to modernity. This is an opportunity for residents who wish to experience a satisfying life in Mizuki Park township.

Source: Dan Tri


600 apartments sold in Mizuki Park, with estimated sales of over VND 2000 billion

On April 25, 2021, Nam Long successfully held the launching ceremony of Mizuki Park phase 2 to start the apartment selection to customers who have registered in the 3rd Housing Savings program in August 2020. At the event, 600 canal apartments of Flora Mizuki MP6, MP7, MP8 were officially sold, bringing in more than VND 2,000 billion in sales for Nam Long, Hankyu Hanshin and Nishi Nippon Railroad.

More than 1400 customers who registered in the 3rd Housing Savings Program attended the event

The 26-hectare Mizuki Park in Binh Hung, Binh Chanh is a rare piece of land that is at an urban scale in the South Saigon area. The project is taking the spotlight nowadays following Ho Chi Minh City’s urban planning journey to promote Binh Chanh and Nha Be to districts before 2025. As a result, this area was given the opportunity to make a strong breakthrough and attract more domestic and foreign investments in the future, as it’s becoming an economic, commercial center and traffic hub in the south.

At the event on April 25, 2021, Nam Long Group and its two Japanese partners, i.e. Hankyu Hanshin and Nishi Nippon Railroad successfully converted 600 Flora Mizuki apartments into MP6, MP7, MP8. Sales estimatedly reached more than VND 2,000 billion within just 5 hours.

Perspective of Flora Mizuki canal apartments MP6, MP7, MP8

The newly launched Flora Mizuki canal apartments in MP6, MP7, MP8 are surrounded by a green canal system and located next to Event Park square and the central Japanese garden. Besides, there are exclusive facilities such as a lookout point, children’s and adult swimming pools, sports fields, gym, yoga, co-working space, outdoor and indoor children playground, relaxing garden, outdoor BBQ area, etc. The 3 block buildings are placed in a zigzag, allowing apartments to be more exposed to natural light and wind. All are handed over with full basic furniture such as wooden floor, lighting equipment, bathroom equipment, kitchen, etc. saving buyers quite a lot of investment to complete the apartment.

In addition, residents have access to a modern ecosystem of high-class facilities including 17,000 m2 of canals; 2.5 km of bicycle path; 103,000 m2 of trees; family, kids, bonsai, meditation, events, waterfront and sports theme parks; 40,000m2 of school; 15,000m2 of trade – services, sports center, medical area, entertainment area. The internal and external facility system allow residents to enjoy modern and secure living in a peaceful environment in the middle of a bustling city.

Canal park, Japanese garden at Mizuki Park

In addition to a investor’s reputation and strong financial capacity, Mizuki Park’s quality is also guaranteed by leading companies in the international real estate industry and construction such as Conybeare Morrison CM+ (Australia, planning design), CPG (Singapore, landscape design), Aurecon (Australia, infrastructure design consulting), Yellowstone Consultants (Australia, infrastructure design consulting), NQH (Vietnam, apartment design consulting), Tung Feng Construction Engineering Co. (Taiwan, Construction of pile foundation, has built high-end apartment projects of major investors including Vingroup, Masterise, Phu My Hung, etc.)

For all the above reasons, Mizuki Park apartments are always in scarcity after every new product launch.

Source: Nam Long Group (Hose: NLG)