The 26-ha township in South Saigon: From social houses to million dollar riverside villas

Mizuki Park project includes various types of properties such as apartments, social houses, commercial townhouses, villas, etc.

The project also has large public infrastructure including canal walking route, a 2.5-km cycling trail, 8 riverside theme parks, etc.  

There is also an outdoor cinema near the marina. 

Located in South Saigon, Nam Long’s Mizuki Park is located on Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard, Binh Chanh District and 5 minutes away from Phu My Hung (District 7). The project has a total area of 26 hectares with a construction density of 29% and the remaining area designed for nature and facilities systems.

The project was announced in 2017 and has handed over 2,000 properties including Flora apartments, Valora Mizuki shophouses and Valora island villas, along with a number of facilities. The project is still progressing following phases to deliver on time.

According to Nam Long, there will be 40,000 m2 for schools, 15,000 m2 for commercial, service, supermarket, restaurant, 7,500 m2 for hospitals and 5,000 m2 of administrative and cultural facilities.

Besides, there will be other large public infrastructure such as a riverside walking trail, a 2.5-km cycling route, 8 riverside theme parks, etc.

Overall perspective of the project. Photo: Nam Long

Mizuki Park logo on Street 1, en route to the project center via Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard.

This project is co-developed by Nam Long and Japanese partners Hankyu Hanshin, Nishi Nippon Railroad, who have many years of experience in real estate development according to Nam Long.

Mizuki Park consists of different types of properties including apartments, social houses, shophouses, villas, of which some aim to target the mass market and the rest aim to serve the high-end segment with limited quantity.

There are 10 Flora apartment buildings and 3 luxury apartment buildings of 14 to 20 floors. 5 buildings of 20 floors, MP1 to MP5 have been completed and went into operation. Investor expects to hand over the next phase including three buildings MP6, MP7 and MP8 in March 2023.

The remaining two buildings, MP9 and MP10, and three luxury apartment buildings (Flora Panorama) are under construction.

According to the information provided by Nam Long at launch date, the price starts at VND 27 million/m2 for condominiums and VND 40 million/m2 for townhouses/villas. However, the price has increased significantly by 1.5 to 2.5 times compared to the opening time.

On the ground floor of building MP1 to MP5, many shophouses have opened.

Sitting next to existing apartment buildings are 6 blocks of 20 floors with more than 2,000 EHome social houses, each is 38-67 m2 in size. The selling prices on some websites are around VND 26-35 million/m2.

Besides apartment buildings, 33 Valora Mizuki shophouses, sized ​​​​6m x 20m, 1 ground floor and 2 upper floors, were handed over at the end of 2018 with a selling price starting from VND 8.9 billion/unit.

Close-up of shophouses next to MP1-MP5 buildings.

Nam Long also built 44 Valora island single and duplex villas with an area of 120 m2 to 260 m2, handed over in Q3/2018.

On the project website, Nam Long announced the upcoming development of 39 The Mizuki riverside villas near the marina. These are luxury properties with a size of 300m2 to 600m2. According to some websites, the largest apartment is sold for VND 80 billons.

In the township, the construction of Binh Hung 2 primary school has been accelerated.

The local walking trails and riverside theme parks are inspired by Japanese culture.

Swimming pool inside the township.

The investor also reserved an area near the marina for an outdoor cinema on weekends.


utdoor cinema services the entertainment needs of residents in the township.

Panorama view of the Mizuki Park project from the marina.