Nam Long handed over Flora Mizuki MP9 and MPX

Nam Long has officially handed over 166 units from two blocks of Flora Mizuki MP9-MPX, a component project of the integrated township Mizuki Park (Binh Chanh).

As of now, more than 2,000 products from Mizuki Park have been delivered to customers, making the township an ideal residence for over 6,000 residents. 


Customers receive apartment at Flora Mizuki MP9-MPX

Deliver on time as promised

Flora Mizuki MP9-MPX started construction in October 2021. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic and the difficult market conditions, Nam Long and its Japanese partners, Hankyu Hanshin Properties and Nishi Nippon Railroad, worked closely with Newtecons, the general contractor, to deliver the project as promised to customers. 

Flora Mizuki MP9-MPX consists of two blocks designed to Nam Long's condominium standard with maximum privacy and exclusivity, featuring 7 units per floor and 83 units per block. 

The two blocks of Flora Mizuki MP9-MPX are indeed located in a prime location, with one side adjacent to a bustling commercial axis and the other side overlooking a lush green internal area.

The Flora Mizuki MP9-MPX apartment complex also boasts a full range of modern amenities inside the building such as a swimming pool, gym, indoor and outdoor playgrounds for children, family party area, etc. Additionally, residents of Flora Mizuki MP9-MPX can easily access the internal commercial service area, Marina Square pier square, 8,700m2 event park, as well as the entire ecosystem of Mizuki Park's integrated township model

On the first day of handover, Ms. Tran Thi Thu Thuy was impressed with the spacious layout of her 71m2 apartment.

Ms. Thuy shared that both she and her husband were pleasantly surprised by the spacious and airy design of their apartment, which exceeded their expectations. Especially noteworthy was that both bedrooms had windows facing outside, allowing for natural light to enter and giving them a panoramic view of the impressive landscape of the township and part of the city center. Thuy stated that they intended to move in and live there instead of renting it out as originally planned. 

For Ms. Phan Thi Anh Thu's family, the suitable environment for children was the main reason for choosing to settle in Flora Mizuki MPX: "My husband and I moved to Mizuki Park to prepare for our first child. The living environment here is very healthy, peaceful, and has many green amenities, which is very suitable for families with young children."

The advantage of Flora Mizuki MP9-MPX units is that the bedroom windows are placed outside, allowing for natural light and an open view.

Value guaranteed by reputable brands

By delivering Flora Mizuki MP9-MPX on schedule, Nam Long continues to affirm its reputation and ability to implement projects, even during times when other projects on the market are affected by cash flow constraints. 

Earlier this year, more than 400 products from the Flora Mizuki MP6-7-8 apartment cluster were also delivered on schedule. After just six months of handover, the occupancy rate was recorded at over 70%. This is evidence that there is still a real demand, and products aimed at buyers are still a bright spot in the market.

In addition to handing over Flora Mizuki MP9-MPX, Nam Long is also focusing on completing two other component projects, Flora Panorama and the luxury villa area The Mizuki, in preparation for handover in the second half of the year. Nam Long's other key integrated townships, such as Waterpoint 355 hectares, Izumi City 170 hectares, and affordable housing projects like Akari City and EHome Southgate apartments, are also maintaining their development momentum.

To stimulate the market and support homebuyers, Nam Long has been continuously implementing many preferential sales policies, such as high interest rate support, to accompany real estate buyers. With many positive signals from the market such as "cooling" interest rates, the opening of credit rooms, and reasonable house prices, this is the right time to own a desired property.

Detailed information:

Project hotline: 0902 000 895

Source: Nam Long Group (HOSE:NLG)